AMA Victoria delivers courses in Impairment Assessment using the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment 4th Edition and other prescribed methods, as applied to relevant Victorian legislation. Successful completion of a course enables medical practitioners to assess impairments for TAC, WorkCover and for the purposes of Part VBA of the Wrongs Act 1958 (personal injury).

Courses provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the AMA Guides 4th Edition as a methodology for determining impairment of an individual with a permanent medical condition, a thorough knowledge of terminology and principles of impairment assessment evaluation as specified in the Guides and the ability to achieve consistency in interpretation and application of the guides.

The training involves completing a core module and at least one elective. The core module covers the legal aspects of impairment assessment and the requirements of the different legislation. Electives are chosen on the basis of the individual’s specialties and the types of impairment assessment required. Modules in Stream 1 are for medical practitioners who have not previously completed modules.

Update modules (Stream 2) are available for medical practitioners who have previously been accredited to update their knowledge of the legislation and changes to interpretation of the guides.

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NEW module! Spinal Impairment Guides Modification Document

Legislation was passed by the Victorian Parliament in December 2016 which has resulted in a change to the method of assessing spinal impairment for TAC claims. The change is aimed at addressing issues with spinal impairment assessment which arose from the decisions of the Supreme Court in the cases of TAC v Serwylo, and, Elsdon v Victorian Workcover Authority.

The change does not affect the assessment of spinal impairment for Worksafe or the Wrongs Act.

The changes for the TAC have seen the adoption of the Spinal Impairment Guides Modification Document (SIGMD), but only for Transport Accidents which occur on or after 14 December 2016.

The SIGMD is based on work done by a panel of expert spinal specialists in 2014 and some readers may recall this work and may have participated in a consultation session at that time.

For those who are interested, a copy of the SIGMD can be found here

A new module of training is being developed to train and accredit existing spinal assessors in the new SIGMD methodology.

To book a seat for the next SIGMD accreditation module, please complete our registration form located here

Click here to access the list of Accredited Impairment Assessors for the SIGMD module

AMA Victoria presents this Ministerially approved training program in the application of the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (4th Edition), (AMA 4 Guides), for the Department of Treasury and Finance in accordance with Section 91(1)(b) of the Accident Compensation Act 1985, Section 46A(2)(b) of the Transport Accident Act 1986 and for the purposes of Part VBA of the Wrongs Act 1958 (personal injury)